Smartkey Segiro Security System©.

Safety and Comfort in your hands. Your mobile phone is your key.



Smartkey Segiro Security System ©

A new level of security. Always activated.

Invisible and with complete autonomy.

The signal emithed by the phone to open the lock cannot be deciphered and cannot be inhibited.

With only a missed call you can open/close your door’s lock.

The administrator’s interface is easy and intuitive.

From anywhere, you could know who has entered and exited.

The system detects and registers who has activated the lock and when.

Smartkeys Segiro© is easy to use.

With the Smartkey Segiro Security System©, your mobile phone is the key. Via a call from your phone, the Smartkeys  Segiro© safety lock activates the opening and closing mechanism on your property from anyplace. Absolute control on the people who have access, besides having an access register to know who has entered and at what time.
No locks or thieves, the Segiro system makes the security lock impossible to open. The Smartkeys Segiro© security locks offer a barrier to possible intrusions. Since it is an invisible lock that is imperceptible, going completely unnoticed. Besides, the opening is only possible from authorized phones, which are encrypted and cannot be inhibited.

Segiro, a company at your service.

segiro management

Management & Partners

Segiro, Domotic & Security is an enterprising company formed by an executive management team with 20 years of experience in the sector. Is currently implementing the business model based on technological developments on Smartkeys Segiro©.

The sectors in which it applies are:
:: Security Companies.
:: Mobile phone Companies.
:: Doors factories.
:: Architecture and Design.
:: Parking Lots, Condos and Rentals.
:: Housing development.
:: Offices, shops and professional offices.

segiro technology

Technology & New Developments

A team of industrial engineers with two specific objectives: the Internet of things and smart products. A product with an industrial patent. These two aspects ensure continuous development towards new standards of use.

Smartkeys Segiro© is a new level of security.
:: The most avanced technology.
:: Minimal design.
:: An invisible lock.
:: Open from anywhere.
:: Absolute control.
:: Always activated.
:: Easy to use.
:: Savings with complete guarantee.

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    Safety and Comfort in your hands

    Smartkey Segiro Security System ©. Your mobile phone is your key.

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Segiro, Domotic & Security awarded the Innovation Award 2015.

On June 18, 2015 . The Association of Bizkaia Network – Bizkaired, held the ceremony of the 5th Edition of the Bizkaired Awards – Bizkaia Sarean.
An expert jury in technology, management and business , made ​​up of members of society and business environment has selected Segiro, Domotic & Security, for its innovative high profile as a business model.

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“This system, Segiro Smartkeys ©, has a clear technological advance over the locks and traditional security systems, as well as an important competitive advantage.
It is based on a clearly differentiated technology and preceded by a period of research, prototype development and testing, why you can rate the project as I + D + I”.


- Tontxu Campos
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Ph.D., Economics and Business Admnistration.
At University of Deusto, Bilbao.

“Segiro Smartkeys ©, differs by having a fully independent home automation unit in which are registered mobile phone numbers allowed. An invisible lock, the security locks for doors and windows are invisible.”


- Juan Francisco Giménez Roque
Director of Technological Area.
At Segiro, Domotic & Security.

What is Smartkeys Segiro ©?

Smartkeys Segiro  © Is a new security lock that can be installed randomly in doors and windows, without a visible lock seen from the inside or outside. This way, by not being visible, it is impossible to force or brake open.

How do I open and close the door?

The Smartkeys Segiro© lock does not have a key lock, it opens and closes automatically with a telephone call. Only authorised telephone numbers can open the lock and do so at any distance.

Can you it install it on any door or window?

Smartkeys Segiro© security locks can practically be installed in any door or window. Besides, they can be installed in the door frame for greater security.

Can it be installed both inside and outside?

No, the Segiro security lock can not be installed outside or inside, it is installed right into the door’s frame or the door itself.

Can the Smartkey signal be intercepted or copied?

Copying or inhibiting the signal is useless, since besides having security codes, it must be executed from the authorised device.

How many people can be authorized to open the lock?

The Smartkeys Segiro© security lock can authorize more than 200 users access.

Apart from individual clients, who is this targeted to?

This is ideal for apartment building’s main entrances, garages, offices or any other type of access that has a high volume of people with authorisation to access.

What happens if I lose my phone or if it is stolen?

If lost or stolen, just make a call to the system’s administration company and this line will be blocked, making it useless until the phone is recuperated or a new one is purchased. Unlike traditional keys, when lost you do not have to replace the lock, or for garages or offices you do not have to reprogram remote controls, just cancel the lost or stolen terminal.

Can you install more than one lock?

The system that uses Smartkeys Segiro© locks allows you to synchronize up to 6 locks in different locations, door or windows. If you need more, it can be customized.

Where does the power come from? Is there a battery?

It is powered from the electric grid, along with a battery in case there is a power outage.

How long does the battery last?

There is an approximate duration of 36 hours upon the power being cut, the system sends a message for you to take action.

What happens if the battery runs out and I am not home?

The system will not work, and not allow the door to close, but restarts again once the power is back.

Do you have to reconfigure the system if the battery runs out?

No, the system saves the configuration.

What guarantee does  Smartkeys Segiro© provide?

Smartkeys Segiro© security lock has a two year guarantee from factory defects, except all defects and deterioration suffered from foreign events, wear, accidents, misuse or improper installation.

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